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Cupping tools used in the BodyPlus Physiotherapy clinic

Cupping is a remedial therapy used in Chinese Medicine and western health professions that uses suction cups to lift the tissues and create a decompressive effect to create space between the soft tissue layers of your skin, fascia and muscles.

Soft tissues can become short and tight, especially after an injury; chronic tension; stress; or overuse. The space created through cupping allows for freedom of movement of these tissues, which can be helpful in decreasing tension, resulting in increased comfort.

Cupping should not be painful. Depending on the amount of suction applied, you will note a tightness and you may find that you get a temporary reddening of the skin and, in some cases, a round bruise-like appearance. This is not permanent or painful.

Dry cupping or wet cupping can be performed. Wet cupping uses the suction to draw blood into the cup. Only dry cupping is used in the BodyPlus Physiotherapy clinic.


  • Minimise pain

  • Muscle relaxation

  • Improve circulation and lymphatic flow

  • Decreased muscle tension


Whilst there is no hard evidence to support the effects of cupping listed above, it can be a useful therapy option or alternative to other methods, which may not be suitable for an individual patient.

If cupping is something you have found useful in the past or is something you would like to try, enquire with one of our physios as to whether it is a suitable treatment option for you.


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